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The ThinBox is based on the Raspberry Pi Thin Client (RPiTC) created by Gibbo. More information about it can be found here. The ThinBox allows quick and easy connection to Microsoft Windows based servers, desktops and virtual machines. Taking less than 30 seconds to boot from power on to desktop and with simple easy to use GUI applications to setup connections this is the easiest way to setup remote access to your systems from anywhere.

Setting Up a Connection

The easiest way to connect to a server or desktop is to double click on the Remote Desktop Client shortcut on the desktop. This will start the client and you can enter connection details for your server or desktop. If you leave out the user name and password you should be prompted when you click connect. The domain option is only for corporate users so home users can ignore this. For corporate users if you don't know your domain then you will need to ask someone in your IT department. The other settings control the behaviour of the session:

Cisco VPN

One of the challenges in a corporate environment is the security required to make a connection. Many organisations require that a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) is established before a connection can be made. To establish a VPN to a Cisco system you will need to ask your IT department for the PCF file. This contains the details for how to connect to the private network. Now start the VPN Client and select Import PCF. You can browse to the file to import it. Once imported you will need to enter your VPN username and password. These are often DIFFERENT to your normal username and password. Now click Connect. The client will attempt to connect to the VPN and will let you know once it has done so. If anything goes wrong it will display an error.

Hints and Tips

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