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MSI Commandline Builder

If you have spent any time working with the Windows Installer then you will have some experience of its command line. Although powerful it can also be quite complex and command lines can grow into monsters very quickly. This is especially challenging when debugging and testing as editing the command line can be a laborious business.

Enter the MSI Commandline Builder. This utility attempts to take the pain out of building complex command lines either for direct execution, execution by script or for entering into your chosen deployment technology.


The commandline builder can handle all of the standard actions including install, uninstall, admin install and repair. Various options are available in each scenario and the builder attempts to provide access only to those functions which are available in that mode of execution.

Full log file support is available to allow you to debug your installs or uninstalls which works very well in conjunction with the Microsoft Log File Analyser which comes as part of the Windows Installer SDK.

Custom parameters can also be entered allowing for public or private properties and also providing support for future version parameters

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