All of the tools utilities and applications I have developed are available to download here. These range from small utilities I have created to solve specific problems to full apps that address a range of requirements.

New Kickstarter Project!

I have launched a new Kickstarter for the Password Reset Key

Password Reset Key -- Kicktraq Mini


The desktop applications are designed to run on Windows XP or later and they all support Windows 7. They are all developed in VB and range from VB 6.0 to VB .NET 2008. Many of these utilities have been developed to address specific issues I have faced during the course of my career.


The mobile applications I have developed are designed for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher. In some cases there are trial versions available to download from this site. All of these apps are currently available or will be available shortly on the Windows Mobile Marketplace.

The Marketplace is pre-installed on all Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile 6.5 devices and can be downloaded and installed on Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 devices. Click the image below to access the Marketplace.

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